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About Spin Semiconductor

fv1 processorSpin Semiconductor is the latest audio company founded by Keith Barr, who had previously founded MXR innovations and Alesis Corp. Keith's current passion is IC design, and with audio as a strong component of his past, the FV-1 processor (Spin's first product) is an obvious mixture of the two interests. Based in Los Angeles, Spin Semiconductor is a fabless design and marketing company, drawing on resources in America, England, Germany, Taiwan and the China mainland.

At Spin, our emphasis is on clever, cost effective designs that allow engineers to produce better product, quicker, and more cost effectively; this, and with a measure of fun thrown in too. We believe that the audio electronics field is special in this regard; that audio engineers see the world of engineering a bit differently, with passion and enthusiasm. We understand this at Spin, and are here to help with innovative solutions.

Spin Semiconductor