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Mixer Application

Mixer Application Effects in small, portable mixers are notoriously of poor quality, and we at Spin Semiconductor are on a mission to change this. We have included several reference designs on this page to select from, or use as the starting point when develping your own ideas.

The control inputs of the FV-1 are especially useful in giving the customer extreme flexibility, although multiple fixed programs are also available, under microprocessor control with LED display output and encoder inputs.

Here, we offer the FV-1 programs, schematics and PCB layouts, along with any applicable microcontroller code, which anyone is free to use. Custom programs not found here, or new ideas for FV-1 implimentation are welcomed from our customers, as we are happy to develop new reference designs for your use.

3K :: 8 Program - 3 variable module
mix_fx_area 3k

M16_24 :: Fixed program module

P16_V :: 16 program - potentiometer variable module
P16_V front P16_V front    
P16_V back P16_V back