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FV-1 designersFrom the mind of the inventor who has revolutionized the music industry more than once with groundbreaking companies like Alesis and MXR Innovations comes the Spin family of audio effects solutions. These new Audio Effects ICs have been designed instictively to raise the bar and lower the cost of integrated sound effects with the same attention to features and detail that has brought so many innovations to the audio industry over the last 25 years... more

spin news

11/2009 Cube distortion algo
1/2008 New noise gate code
11/2007 New assembler w/ HEX file fix
8/2007 Spin DV-1 Makes it to fab. The first test units coming soon.
5/2007 New guitar effects design up
acic design12/2006 "ASIC Design in the Silicon Sandbox", written by Keith Barr, the founder of Spin Semiconductor and published by McGraw-Hill. This book is an extremely practical starting point for anyone interested in designing their own mixed signal integrated circuits.
Spin Semiconductor